The Chasm Collection draws upon the image of a stark ray of light illuminating the dark space between two fractured lines or surfaces.   Meredith's exploration scuba diving the oceanic walls and abysses inspired this collection along with the vivid light rays refracted in the water at such depths. Rutilation in quartz mimicks the latter. Meredith uses different precious and semi-precious stones, such as aquamarine, emerald, opal, moonstone, and rutilated quartz, and respects their natural, crystal shapes. Frequently, these stones appear bracketed between two bars of diamonds highlighting the profound divergence created when two tectonic plates move past each other.  Here the stones are the chasm and that is what is celebrated, aesethetically, as well as, symbolically.  Here a sophisticated layering of mineral wealth becomes an exploration of where light can take us. Glimpsed through a mantle of nature and culture, a thought is clear; light is hope.

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