Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos

As the oxymoron suggests, the Controlled Chaos Collection plays stability off instability. Different shaped diamonds and precious stones are used in arrangements that can be grasped in a single glance and convey movement . For example, these shapes come together in a single plane like a circle, faceted stone or organic geode shape. This kind of visual grounding allows the layout to stabilize and elicit control.  Often times, the diamonds only move partially around another material or shape to imply a type of destabilized order in progress. In other examples, Meredith flush sets different shaped diamonds and precious stones on domed surfaces whose arrangement and graduated sizes implies expansion and dissolution.  The diversity of stone shapes speaks to an element of surprise and unpredictability.  Meredith textures the gold with tiny concave dots, which enrich this sense of celestial chaos and expansion.  The collection is meant to celebrate that we are chaos wrapped in human form and the expanding sense of beauty in that knowledge.  Like the chaos theory, Meredith sought to create an aesthetic system that hinted at order even if it was just a whisper.

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